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ZPEX Coating Triumphs in Challenging Applications: Impressive Testimonials from DXPE and Eco Services


  • ZPEX coating has proven its mettle in various applications, including brine environments. This  post highlights the success stories of two prominent customers, DXPE and Eco Services, who have experienced the long-lasting performance of ZPEX coating in their pumps.

DXPE’s Success:

  • DXPE, a significant pump customer for ZPEX, has reaped the benefits of ZPEX coating in numerous applications. Kevin Mazingo, a sales rep based in Houston, has achieved notable success with ZPEX in brine applications. One standout example includes the largest impeller ever coated, a 6′ one, which has exceeded expectations. DXPE’s client, Eco Services, has reported that the ZPEX-coated impeller still looks excellent even after two years of operation.

ZPEX in Oklahoma City:

  • In Oklahoma City, around 200 Goulds pumps have undergone the ZPEX coating treatment. These pumps have been specifically chosen to endure the demanding conditions of brine pits. The belief is that many of these ZPEX-coated pumps are currently operational and performing admirably in such harsh environments.


  • The success stories from DXPE and Eco Services further solidify the reputation of ZPEX coating as a reliable solution for pump applications in brine environments. The impressive durability and longevity demonstrated by the 6′ ZPEX-coated impeller and the large number of ZPEX-coated pumps in Oklahoma City showcase the effectiveness of this coating. By choosing ZPEX, customers can trust in its ability to protect their equipment, ensuring optimal performance even in the most challenging conditions.3. Enterprise Products is a client, Ronnie Cole, was very impressed w/ our Lunch n Learn a while back, and didn’t hesitate to have us ZPEX a 5 stage vertical Afton pump. This pump has been in a brine service now for nearly 6 months and is being monitored for evaluation of the coating. So far all is good.
  • Iofina has a centrifugal pump that is utilized to remove the iodine from brine. The environment was so corrosive pumps were lasting literally weeks. We ZPEX coated a unit and it is now in service and has ran for over 3 months. It is being monitored for life extension. We will share the results later on this year.