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Enhance durability and aesthetics with eco-friendly powder coating

Eliminate chipping, scratching, and fading for more resilient, beautiful surfaces. Powder’s perfect for a wide range of applications from industrial machinery and automotive parts to architectural elements and consumer goods.

What can powder coating do


Our powder coating service covers a variety of polymer materials, allowing you to choose the perfect match for your application.

Enhanced Durability

Powder coating extends the life of your assets by protecting them against corrosion, impact, and wear.

Uniform Coverage

Our electrostatic application ensures even and complete coverage. You’ll get a sleek and consistent finish every time.

Environmental Responsibility

Do good for the environment. Powder coating is eco-friendly, producing minimal waste and emissions.

Color Variety

Choose from a wide range of colors and finishes. So you can achieve the exact look you want without compromise.

A quick and easy process. Done right the first time.

Here’s what you can expect from our process:
1. Dialogue

Reach out to us. Tell us what your problem is, and share any prints you have with us. We’ll open up a dialogue to understand your challenges and requirements so that we can recommend the best path forward.

2. Cross-Functional Assessment

You’ll send us a test part and get the brightest brains in the industry from sales and lab technicians to engineers on your side and plotting a path to success. We call this “first article inspection,” and it eliminates any possibility of confusion or error on our side.  

3. Coating & Tracking

We’ll enter your parts into our cloud database that you can access from any device. Track progress as we apply the most advanced coating systems available today.

4. Quality Assurance

Your parts will undergo rigorous examination and testing by our quality assurance department to ensure flawless, dependable coverage. We’ll generate certificates attesting to your coatings that you can download in your client portal.

5. Deployment

We’ll ship your pieces back to you ready to be used. Thanks to our patented coating, your parts won’t need to be masked or over-machined. Just reassemble and run as usual protected from corrosion, wear, and abrasion.

Frequently asked questions

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What is Zpex?

Zpex is a system of coatings, that when applied and baked at a certain temperature, crosslink together to create a barrier coating that is thin enough to be applied to threads and sealing surfaces, yet corrosion resistant enough to replace exotic metallurgies like Stainless Steel.  

Is Zpex a spray applied process or a dip process?

Zpex is actually both. The primer, or base-coat for Zpex, is an immersion coating applied within a series of tanks. Here the part will be fully encapsulated throughout multiple automated stages that include cleaning, pretreatment and an epoxy coating applied by electrodeposition. Afterward, going through a bake cycle. 

How thick is the Zpex coating?

Zpex is typically applied at around 1.3-2 mils thick, about half the thickness of a dollar bill. 

To what surfaces can Zpex be applied?

Zpex can be applied to any surface that is conductive. We most typically apply Zpex to carbon steel or cast iron in replacement of stainless steels, however, somewhat often, we will apply Zpex to stainless steel also

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