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Prevent premature failure of your coils in corrosive environments with FinKote2.

FinKote2 is a high-edge build e-coating system offering the most advanced corrosion protection for micro-channel, tube and fin coils threatened by coastal and environmental corrosion.

Protect your HVAC products

Keeping coils performing in high UV, coastal, and offshore environments for:

Ecoat.US's Journey in HVAC Corrosion Protection,
from Finkote to Finkote2

In 2006, Ecoat.US entered the HVAC marketplace with Finkote, providing e-coat protection to evaporator and condenser coils in the geothermal industry. Including a pretreatment, Finkote provided the most advanced and controlled process application in the marketplace.

2010 Ecoat.US built the most extensive HVAC E-coat Process system in the U.S., expanding our process capabilities and designing a system 30’ in length x 8.5’ in height x 3’ in depth.

At this same time, Ecoat.US established an R&D team to reach out and determine the needs of the industry. Expanding process applications and providing coating solutions for the HVAC industry, the Finkote2 family of process applications was underway.

In 2015, continued process developments led to an improved e-coat corrosion process application, Finkote2. Transitioning to Axalta EC-6100, the latest development in e-coat material technology. EC-6100 produces the highest throw power available to ensure coverage to the center of the coil. Tin-free, RoHS compliant, NSF 51/61 certified, EC6100 sets the standard.

With our patented ZNET process anode control technology, the inclusion of a zirconium oxide pretreatment. Finkote2 provides improved fin edge coverage, lower temperature curing, and NSF 51/61 certification. Backed with a six-year warranty, Finkote2 is the premium coastal and environmental corrosion solution.

From 2015 through 2020, we expanded our process applications to include three additional corrosion process applications.

FinkoteZx for extreme chemical resistance is our fastest-growing process application. When working in extreme conditions such as airports, municipalities, and food processing locations, FinkoteZx can handle chemical-rich condensate and harsh working environments.

FinkoteCc is our trivalent conversion coating for mild to moderate environmental conditions. Lower costs with value-added performance allow for a process application capable of meeting over 2100 hours in ASTM G85 A3.

FinkoteAa for field-applied applications to complete our corrosion protection applications. When an uncoated unit enters a corrosive environment, we provide field application products and technical support to the technicians with water-based, EPA-safe materials to protect coils and the internal and external panels of the cabinets.**

FinkoteHp for water distribution is an ever-growing market requirement by changing how condensate water moves on the fin surface. Our hydrophilic and hydrophobic applications will provide reductions in water fouling, condensate chemical cocktail attack on the fin surface, change surface polarity and CoF are many advantages when modifying how airflow moves the condensate water through the system.

FinkoteRx provides the ultimate antimicrobial protection for improved air quality. FinKoteRx reduces the growth and spread of surface germs in various applications. 99% effective against mold, mildew, E. coli, H1N1, and MRSA. Permanently bonds to the surface and attacks the cell membrane to destroy microorganisms.

Extreme Environment Coating System

A patented coating process designed to withstand the world’s most challenging corrosion applications. Engineered for where extreme chemical attacks occur


  • Food processing plants
  • Wastewater treatment facilities
  • Airports
  • Refineries

Atmospheric industrial pollution contributes to a premature failure of the a/c unit. Corrosion thrives on both the chemical and mechanical aspects of the environment. The most common corrosion agents are acids, alkalis, and salts. FinkoteZx, developed  as a multi-layered coating process is designed to withstand the world’s most challenging applications. Facilities located in chemically corrosive environments or industrial process sites are particularly prone to experiencing coil corrosion.

Environments that may contribute to a higher amount of corrosive materials being expelled include:

  • Jet fuel Vapors (sulfur) affecting Airport Gangway Units
  • H2S produced in  Wastewater Treatment Facilities
  • Chlorine vapor Indoor Swimming Pool or Aquatic Process
  • Fertilizer (ammonia) in Agricultural Building Evaporative Coolers
  • Acidic blood vapor in Meat Processing Plant Coolers

Thin Film Conversion Coating

FinKoteCc is a low-cost, thin-film conversion coating (200-500um) for micro-channel coils.

FinkoteCc Conversion coating for Micro-Channel coils and all Aluminum coils. Outperforms existing trivalent and hexavalent alternatives in corrosion resistance without requiring additional topcoats.

  • Extends lifetime by 2x compared to uncoated coils
  • Withstands 2,000+ hours of salt spray
  • Protects against mild to moderate chloride corrosion
  • Delivers less than 1% thermal transfer loss

FinkoteCc is a low-cost, thin-film conversion coating (200-500um) for microchannel coils.

The material forms a passive nano-crystalline layer on the surface of the heat exchanger and is effective at extending the life of aluminum alloys in the presence of mild to moderate chloride corrosion. The passive layer arrests the development of oxides when water and salt are on the surface.

FinkoteCc is environmentally safe and superior trivalent chromate alternative to hexavalent chromates. The material provides equivalent or enhanced performance when compared with any other seal coatings including 2000 hours+ SWAAT G85 A3 salt spray results, excellent surface bonding capabilities, superb weld ability.

FinkoteCc outperforms existing trivalent and hexavalent alternatives in wear and corrosion resistance (without requiring additional topcoats), while being more economical in cost per application. With less than 1% thermal transfer loss and less expensive than polymeric coatings, FinkoteCc is an option to consider.

Thin Film Conversion Coating:

  • Doubles the Life vs. Uncoated Coil
  • Excellent Protection for Mild/Moderate Chloride Corrosion
  • Economical Alternative vs. Polymeric Coatings
  • Appropriate for Outdoor Exposure – U/V Durable

Performance Testing:

  • SWATT Test: ASTM G-85 A3 2000 + Hours
  • Salt Spray: ASTM-B-117 3000+ Hours
  • Meets MIL-DTL-5541 Type ll
  • Heat Transfer:<1%

Spray/Field Applied Coating

FinKoteAa offers a cost-effective process for units working in the field where coils are experiencing premature failure.

The water-based, non-hazardous formula:

  • Withstands 3,200 hours of salt spray
  • EPA safe
  • Delivers less than 3% heat transfer loss
  • Technical support provided

FinKoteAa is a HAPS-free, no VOC, water-based protective coating system designed to meet today’s HVAC corrosion requirements at significant savings over competing products.

FinKoteAa provides a single-component (modified alkyd polymer technology fortified with aluminum) coating system that can be spray-applied or flow-coated onto RTPF or  micro-channel coils.

FinKoteAa is designed to air dry @ 1 mil film thickness and can be easily controlled by adjusting  viscosity of the material.

FinKoteAa has minimal heat transfer impact  (< 3%) and eliminates heat transfer loss due to corrosion.

FinKoteAa is utilized as a field-applied application for raw coils facing early corrosion failures already installed in the field.

Super Hydrophilic or Hydrophobic Coatings

Prevent surface icing, water fouling while strengthening corrosion resistance with FinKote Hp. Control water distribution on the fin surface

FinkoteHp can

  • Attracts or repels surface water depending on the chosen formula
  • Reduces mold & mildew growth
  • Produces “self-cleaning” effect.

Advanced Antimicrobial Protection

The ultimate antimicrobial protection for  improved air quality. FinKoteRx reduces the growth and spread of surface germs in a range of applications.

  • 99% effective against mold, mildew, E-coli, H1N1, and MRSA
  • Permanently bonds to the surface
  • Attacks cell membrane to destroy microorganisms

Wondering how much FinKote2 coatings will cost?

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our process

Coating your coils has never been easier or more cost-effective .


Reach out to us. Tell us what your problem is, and share any prints you have with us. We’ll open up a dialogue to understand your challenges and requirements so that we can recommend the best path forward.

Cross-Functional Assessment

We call this “first article inspection,” and it eliminates any possibility of con-fusion or error on our side. Our team from sales, transportation, lab tech-nicians to process managers will be on your side planning a path to success.

Coating & Tracking

We’ll enter your parts into our cloud database that will track progress as we apply the most advanced coating process available today. You can read more about our e-coat process here.

Quality Assurance

Your parts will undergo rigorous examination and testing by our quality assurance department to ensure flawless, dependable coverage. We’ll generate certificates attesting to your coatings that you can download in your client portal.


We’ll ship your pieces back to you ready to be used. Thanks to our patented coating process and over 25 years of servicing the HVAC. Just reassemble and run as usual—protected from corrosion. you can feel comfortable in your decision to choose Finkote2

FinKote2 is backed by a
6-year Warranty.

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