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E-coat, liquid, and powder coatings to meet any industrial need

Protect your assets, extend their life, and enhance performance with indus-trial coating solutions tailored to your industry

Our processes

We’ve got the expertise and capacity to meet the diverse coat-ing needs of a wide range of industries


Our patented electro-coating process evenly coats objects of any shape and size to create a barrier that’ll prevent corrosion and extend the lifespan of your equipment for years to come.

Liquid Coatings

When aesthetics are important, our liquid coat-ing results in a smooth and even finish that’ll enhance the appearance of your surfaces. Ideal for the automotive, architectural, and furniture industries (as well as many others).

Powder Coatings

Eliminate chipping, scratching, and fading for more resilient, beautiful surfaces. Powder’s per-fect for a wide range of applications—from in-dustrial machinery and automotive parts to ar-chitectural elements and consumer goods.


Whether your equipment needs a wash, rust re-moval, or long/short-term corrosion resistance, we’ll deliver the right pretreatment solution to prepare your surfaces for future protective coat-ings.

What can the right coating help you achieve?

Oversized materials welcome

We can accommodate items up to 30 feet in length for e-coat and 55 feet for liquid and powder coatings. Maximum weight is 7 tons.

Volume Flexibility

Whether you require low or high volume process orders, we have the capacity to meet your demands.

Expedited Services

We offer expedited services, including same-day availability, to ensure your projects stay on track.

Prototyping and R&D

Trust our 20 years of experience for prototype and research and development projects, where precision and quality are paramount.

Custom Masking

Our custom masking solutions protect specific areas of your components, ensuring precise coatings.

Interior Pipe Coating

We specialize in the interior diameter (ID) coating of pipes and tubular components.

Our Strategies

Markets We Serve

Our comprehensive coating services cater to various industries, including:

Agriculture and Construction Equipment
OIl & Gas

Supported Substrates

Our coatings are suitable for a wide range of substrates,

Structural Iron
Pipe and Tubular Components
Large Weldments
Decorative Iron
Aluminum Castings
Aluminum Extrusions

Frequently asked questions

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What is Zpex?

Zpex is a system of coatings, that when applied and baked at a certain temperature, crosslink together to create a barrier coating that is thin enough to be applied to threads and sealing surfaces, yet corrosion resistant enough to replace exotic metallurgies like Stainless Steel.  

Is Zpex a spray applied process or a dip process?

Zpex is actually both. The primer, or base-coat for Zpex, is an immersion coating applied within a series of tanks. Here the part will be fully encapsulated throughout multiple automated stages that include cleaning, pretreatment and an epoxy coating applied by electrodeposition. Afterward, going through a bake cycle. 

How thick is the Zpex coating?

Zpex is typically applied at around 1.3-2 mils thick, about half the thickness of a dollar bill. 

To what surfaces can Zpex be applied?

Zpex can be applied to any surface that is conductive. We most typically apply Zpex to carbon steel or cast iron in replacement of stainless steels, however, somewhat often, we will apply Zpex to stainless steel also

Wondering what we can do for your industry?

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