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Industrial E-Coat: Add the ultimate thin film corrosion protection for your products.

Our patented electro-coating process evenly coats objects of any shape and size to create a barrier that’ll prevent corrosion and extend the lifespan of your equipment for years to come.

The Science Behind E-Coat

E-Coat (aka electrophoretic coating or electro-deposition coating) is a process used to apply a protective coating to metal objects.
Our technicians will submerge your metal objects into a coating bath. An electrical current is then sent through the water, causing the paint particles to adhere to the object’s surface molecule by molecule.
After the object has been coated, it’s heated to a specific temperature to cross-link the material and produce a full cure. This results in a durable and protective coating that’ll protect the object from corrosion for years to come.

Uniform coverage and protection

Long-lasting corrosion resistance

Less paint waste = cheaper coating cost

Eco-friendly process (minimal VOCS)

Engineered for cross-industry uses

Engineered for cross-industry uses



A quick and easy process. Done right the first time.

Here’s what you can expect from our process:
1. Dialogue

Reach out to us. Tell us what your problem is, and share any prints you have with us. We’ll open up a dialogue to understand your challenges and requirements so that we can recommend the best path forward.

2. Cross-Functional Assessment

You’ll send us a test part and get the brightest brains in the industry—from sales and lab technicians to engineers—on your side and plotting a path to success. We call this “first article inspection,” and it eliminates any possibility of confusion or error on our side.  

3. Coating & Tracking

We’ll enter your parts into our cloud database that you can access from any device. Track progress as we apply the most advanced coating systems available today.

4. Quality Assurance

Your parts will undergo rigorous examination and testing by our quality assurance department to ensure flawless, dependable coverage. We’ll generate certificates attesting to your coatings that you can download in your client portal.

5. Deployment

We’ll ship your pieces back to you ready to be used. Thanks to our patented coating, your parts won’t need to be masked or over-machined. Just reassemble and run as usual—protected from corrosion, wear, and abrasion.

Industrial E-Coat That Meets And Exceeds Current Standards

With Our Patented Solutions We've Revolutionized Industries Beyond E-Coating And Have Invested Over 50 Years Of Leading The Way E-Coating Has Evolved.

So What Is E-Coat?

E-Coat, also known as electro-phoretic coating, e-coat, or electro-deposition coating, is a process used to apply a protective coating to metal objects. It involves the immersion of the object to be coated into a bath of coating, where an electrical current is passed through the tank, causing the coating particles to deposit onto the surface of the object, one molecule at a time.

The E-Coat process consists of several stages:

Cleaning: The metal object is cleaned thoroughly to remove any dirt, grease, or oxide layers. This ensures a pristine clean surface for the zirconium oxide to adhere to.

Pretreatment: At Ecoat.us we use zirconium oxide as our pretreatment of choice. Zirco is a multi-metal, nano-conversion coating that applies uniformly to the substrate and facilitates a superior bond for subsequent layer the E-Coat

Electrocoat Bath: The metal object is immersed in a bath containing a paint emulsion and water. The paint particles are electrically charged so that they migrate and adhere to the metal surface.

Electrophoresis: An electric current is applied between the object (acting as the cathode) and a set of anodes in the bath. The electric charge causes the paint particles to move towards and deposit onto the surface of the object.

Curing: After the object has been coated, it is heated to a specific temperature, cross-linking the material and producing a full cure. This results in a durable and protective coating.

The E-Coat process offers several advantages over traditional coating methods:

Uniform coating thickness: E-Coat provides a consistent and controlled thickness of coating, even on complex-shaped objects, ensuring excellent coverage and protection.

Corrosion resistance: The E-Coat process creates a barrier that prevents corrosion, extending the lifespan of coated objects.

Cost-effectiveness: The process allows for high transfer efficiency of the coating, reducing waste and minimizing the overall cost of coating.

Environmentally friendly: Many e-coat formulations are water-based and produce minimal volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making them environmentally friendly compared to other coating processes.

E-Coat is widely used in various industries, including Oil & Gas, HVAC, DOD & Aerospace, Water/Waste Water, and Ag. It provides a high-quality, durable coating that offers corrosion protection and aesthetic appeal to metal objects.

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