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Advanced Corrosion Protection for the HVAC Industry

Protect your coils, cabinets and components against corrosion in harsh coastal environments and polluted cities. Our patented coating applications have been engineered and perfected over the last 20 years, developing solutions which challenge in the industry.

Protect your products from
the environments they serve.

We keep clean air flowing in high UV, coastal, and offshore environments for:

Resist The Elements. Boost Energy Efficiency. Cut Maintenance and Replacement Costs.

FinKote2 is a high-edge build e-coating system engineered for the HVAC industry that offers the most advanced corrosion protection for micro-channel or tube and fin coils.

When units are threatened by coastal and environmental corrosion, harboring bacteria in a perpetually humid environment, or choking out air because of water fouling, we’ve got the right coating for you—all backed by 20 years of research & development.

Equipment coated with  FinKote2 proprietary process provides:

  • Extended Life Cycles
  • Improved Chemical Resistance
  • Maintenance Cost Savings

Coating your coils has never been easier or more cost effective

Here’s what you can expect from our process:
1. Dialogue
Reach out, tell us your problem. Share any prints, and we will open up a dialogue to understand your requirements and recommend the best path forward.
2. Cross-Functional Assessment

Have an application needing more attention and a closer look before we select a process? We call this “First Article Inspection.” It eliminates any possibility of confusion or error on our side. You’ll send us a test part and get the brightest brains in the industry from sales and lab technicians to engineers on your side, plotting a path to success.

3. Coating & Tracking
We will enter your parts into our cloud database which you can access from any device. Track progress in real-time as we apply the most advanced coating applications available today.
4. Quality Assurance
Your parts will undergo a rigorous examination to ensure flawless, dependable coverage. With ISO9001/2015 certification, our team will generate CoCs you can download into your client’s portal.
5. Deployment
When orders are ready, our transportation department, working with quality, will perform a final dock audit. The joint process ensures the parts leave our plant packaged and appropriately protected for transit. A notification is sent for shipping instructions and BOLs.


Wondering how much coatings will cost?

Use our free online calculator to estimate your investment (and how much you’ll save in the long run).
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FinKote is backed by a 6-year guarantee

Request a consultation with us today to find out if it’s right for your coils.