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ZPEX Coating: The Solution for Aggressive Brine Environments


  • In industries where corrosive agents, such as brine, are commonly encountered, finding corrosion-resistant materials and coatings is crucial. This post highlights an interesting case study involving a loyal customer’s skepticism and the impressive performance of ZPEX coating in withstanding aggressive brines.

The Challenge:

  • A customer voiced concerns regarding the reliability of ZPEX coating, claiming it would not hold up against their aggressive “heavy brines.” To put the coating to the test, a coated 3/4″ CS nut was immersed in a brine tank for an extended period of over 8 weeks.

The Surprising Results:

  • After the soaking period, the customer was astonished to find that the ZPEX coating remained unaffected by the harsh brine environment. Pleased with this discovery, the customer shared the information with Reliability Engineer, Jun Yee.

The Adoption:

  • Impressed by the performance of ZPEX coating, Jun Yee promptly decided to have the next set of pumps (single stage / split case Xylems) purchased with ZPEX coating. These coated pumps were subsequently placed into service and have proven to be reliable ever since.


  • This case study exemplifies the effectiveness of ZPEX coating in protecting against corrosive elements, particularly aggressive brines. The coating’s ability to withstand an extended immersion period without any signs of deterioration has instilled confidence in both the customer and the reliability engineer. By adopting ZPEX coating, the company has found a reliable solution that ensures their equipment can operate efficiently and withstand the challenging conditions posed by aggressive brines.