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ZPEX Coating: A Game-Changer for Iodine Removal from Corrosive Brine


  • In the iodine extraction process from brine, corrosive environments can pose a significant challenge for centrifugal pumps. However, the application of ZPEX coating has showcased promising results in extending the lifespan of these pumps. This blog post discusses the experience of Iofina, where ZPEX-coated units have successfully operated for months compared to previous pump failures within weeks.

The Corrosive Challenge:

  • Iofina, in their iodine removal process from brine, faced a corrosive environment that severely affected centrifugal pumps. The pumps’ original lifespan was only a matter of weeks due to the aggressive nature of the brine solution.

The ZPEX Coating Solution:

  • To address this issue, a unit was selected for ZPEX coating. This protective coating was specifically chosen for its resistance to corrosive elements. Once ZPEX-coated, the pump was put back into service and has now been running continuously for over three months, surpassing the previous lifespan of uncoated pumps by a significant margin.

Monitoring for Life Extension:

  • The ZPEX-coated pump at Iofina is currently being closely monitored to assess its longevity and overall effectiveness in extending the pump’s service life. The results of this monitoring will be shared later this year, providing valuable insights into how ZPEX coating can improve pump reliability in corrosive brine environments.


  • The adoption of ZPEX coating by Iofina for their centrifugal pump used in iodine removal has proven to be a game-changer. With previous pump failures occurring within weeks due to the corrosive brine environment, the ZPEX-coated unit has surpassed expectations, operating for over three months and still going strong. The ongoing monitoring of this pump will shed further light on the life extension capabilities of ZPEX coating. These developments highlight the potential for ZPEX coating to revolutionize pump performance and reliability in corrosive brine applications.