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Ecoat Team

We are Ecoat.us

An organization of industrial coating professionals dedicated to creating value for our clients thru innovative coating solutions.


Sam Adkisson started Oklahoma Custom Coating in Seminole OK in 1995. OCC was an electrocoat job shop & over the years added powder coating, liquid coating, and chemical processing. In 2005, Sam expended operations to McAllen TX by opening Metal Processing International. MPI started with electrocoat, and quickly added liquid coating, and chemical processing. In 2009, MPI purchased a 101,000 ft2 facility and moved operations to the new facility in Mission TX. In 2011, MPI build a large e-coat system, 30’ long, 9.5’ deep, 3’ wide, capable of weights up to 7 ton.

Today, this is one of the largest job shop e-coat tanks in the country. In 2012, we began developing new application techniques, including the application of e-coat to the ID of pipe. The company also developed and commercialized ZPEX as a thin film, extreme environment coating system for oil & gas, chemical, and marine applications. The companies filed patent applications and trademarks for these new technologies. In 2017, the companies began to leverage the intellectual property to expand into the distribution of coating materials, and chemicals to OEM’s in order to offer comprehensive finishing solutions that add value. Today, Sam Adkisson has consolidated the resources of the companies as ECOAT.US, this includes the operating entities OCC & MPI, as well as the intellectual property (4 patents, 2 trademarks), the licensing & distribution business, and real estate holdings.

Key Technologies

Znet - Advanced e-coat deposition control & monitoring

ZNET is a proprietary system designed to provide precision control over the current flow to anodes. This system enables operators to evenly electrocoat high-density objects.

ID pipe coating

An application of electrodeposited coatings on the ID of tubular goods.

3D printing for finishing

Enables ecoat.us to provide custom masking for complex coating applications.

Remote system monitoring (SCADA)

Acquires data and control devices across multiple vendors and systems.

Cloud computing services & equipment

Provides low-cost hybrid-cloud solutions for manufacturing operations.