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Zpex Product Video

Executive VP Adam Adkisson discusses with Product Finishing the benefits of ZPEX and the Industries in can help.

Materials & Manufacturing Service Engineers

In Adam Adkisson’s eyes, there is no bad time to be in the oil and gas industry, if you are a custom coater.

The executive vice president of family-owned Metal Processing International in Mission, Texas, and of Oklahoma Custom Coating in Seminole, Oklahoma, says business is great when the oil and gas industry is booming. and when oil and gas is not growing, the coatings market is still good, because that is when customers want the best coatings in order to make their equipment last even longer.

zpex multi-layer system

Tim Pennington

Editor, Products Finishing magazine

Zpex and competitor

2 separate valves. One with competitor coated internals and one with ZPEX coated internals. Installed at the same time, ran for 11 Months in the same salt water disposal well, and removed at the same time

Owner Sam Adkisson

Sam Adkisson

Owner & Founder