The New Standard in Heat Exchanger Protection.


FinKote 2 is a factory-applied, electrodeposited epoxy coating system designed for corrosive environments. With high edge build for improved life and reduced fin-edge creep-back, FinKote 2 provides protection like no other coating can. FinKote 2 utilizes proprietary, ZNET anode controls to evenly apply the coating across large surface area products such as heat exchangers, condenser coils, and radiators. FinKote 2 offers the highest level of chemical and corrosion resistance on the market today.

FinKoteCoil1 The FinKote2 Advantage 

FinKote2 provides a uniform, thin-film coating. It is evenly applied in corners, on edges, and in hard to reach spaces. This allows FinKote2 to protect products that can not be coated with conventional application methods.


Key Properties:

Full encapsulation of the surface

Uniform film build (+/- .0002")

< 2% Thermal Transfer Loss

6800+ Hours of Salt-Spray Protection (ASTM G85 A-3 )

For units up to: 354" X 105" X 35"


Flexibility & Edge Build

FinKote2 maintains extreme flexibility while covering fin-edges. Competing electrodeposited systems are no match for FinKote2's edge-protection, adhesion, corrosion-resistance, or flexibility. 


FinKote%202  is  Nsf logo  51 Approved!


FinKote2 is the ONLY HVAC electrocoat in the world to have  Nsf logo 51 approval! See the Press Release. Test.


Meet theFinKote%20OG%20Logofamily of products.

FinKote2 is the ultimate protective coating system for heat exchangers. However, there are situations where other technologies or field-applyable systems provide a better fit for our customers. We have taken emerging technologies and developed them into new FinKote systems to address those needs. Now, you can customize your level of protection to match your application, service environment, and your budget.
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Cost Effective Protection from Everyday Corrosion.



Industry Standard Performance, Factory applied (Ours or Yours).


Super Hydrophilic & Super Hydrophobic Coating Systems



Durable, Long lasting anti-microbial coating.


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