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Welcome to Ecoat.us

About Us

Ecoat.us has been a leader in the e-coating industry since the early 1990s. From that unique vantage point, leaders at our company have had a hand in shaping e-coating, developing innovative, patented solutions for the oil and gas and HVAC industries and beyond.

We are pleased to go above and beyond in completing our clients’ needs. With the latest technology and processes aimed at replacing outdated, less effective methods, our unique systems will help reduce parts replacement, lower costs, and boost the efficiency of your operations.





Over 25 Years of Experience

Why Choose Us

  • Our mission

    Core Values

    One of our biggest core values is integrity. We want to do the best job possible for you, and if our processes and services aren’t right for the job, we won’t hesitate to tell you. We’re experts in e-coating, and we would never recommend a system that wouldn’t benefit your parts or project.

  • We are Dedicated

    Going the Extra Mile

    We’re dedicated to both our clients and our employees. Our patented systems wouldn’t be possible without loyal, talented employees who, from the top down, want to offer you, the client, the best possible service experience. Our lead times and prices are among the best in the industry. We are attentive, quick to respond, and swiftly complete our clients’ requests so that the finished parts can get to where clients need them to go.

  • Creating value

    Always Willing to Help

    We are committed to improving your supply chain, offering world-class customer service, and growing with our clients.

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We want to continue to develop our innovations to bring new e-coating solutions across multiple industries.

Our Solutions